Updated 30/10/2013

Redditch Winter Ale Festival

8th Redditch Winter Ales Festival on hold

In late September 2013, Redditch & Bromsgrove CAMRA members discussed  the future of Redditch Winter Ale Festival at their branch meeting. The general consensus was that the present venue had reached maximum capacity in both attendance and logistical terms, and that we needed to grow the event in an area that was closer to public transport links.

Our volunteers then set out to seek a location to fulfil this criteria, and began negotiations with a central venue. However, during these meetings the hosts concerned decided against the proposal, leaving the branch with little time to scout out for an alternative.

It would be great if we could put some money on a counter somewhere and say 'one beer festival please' but sadly the world does not work like that. The branch needs time to recruit volunteers, plan a budget, design and distribute publicity and order beer too! The branch already runs a summer beer festival and without more people getting involved in the branch, it really does become difficult to host events of this nature.

We hope that the decision to postpone Redditch Winter Ale Festival 2014 will encourage more members to become active within the branch.  Any comments or suggestions for alternative venues can be sent to chair@rbcamra.org.uk





Redditch and Bromsgrove CAMRA